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Food safety rules in the Netherland

Food safety rules in the Netherland

Livco Taste of Health.

Livco, supplies several fresh (Mazafati date ) and dried nuts for Netherland market. So complete understanding the health regulations in the country is critical for growing the business.

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What are the Netherland Food safety requirements?

The food safety requirements in the Netherland on the food products is so high. All business member should be aware of how to present their product with enough concerning to customer’s health.

In the Netherland, as a member of EU commission the following regulations must be considered by the producers:


  • European food safety regulations

The EU General Food Law contains rules on food safety and food quality, which apply in all member states.

  • The Commodities Act, Food safety regulations

Dutch law describes all the rules in the General Food Law. Food and food products may not endanger the health or safety of consumers. The Commodities Act lays down rules for foods and other products. This includes rules on the hygienic preparation and labeling of foods.

  • International cooperation on food safety

There are some general Food Law for EU member:

  • The Codex Alimentarius, an international agreement involving the European Union and 186 countries. All EU food standards and regulations are based on the Codex Alimentarius.
  • The European Food Safety Authority(EFSA), an independent research institute that advises the European Commission on the risks associated with food safety and animal health.


Who is responsible for Food Safety monitoring?

The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) controls the production, shipping and sale of food by manufacturers, businesses and the hospitality industry.

What is Food safety plan for business in the Netherland?

All of industrial food producers must adjust their products based on national safety and hygiene rules to protect the customer’s health.

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system defines any hazards that may happen in the operations of business producer, and how they can do to prevent problems. For instance, there are some Critical Control Point (CCP) that need to be control:

  • staff personal hygiene
  • Raw material hygiene (Sorting agricultural products)
  • Clean process of food products
  • Packaging Agro base products
  • Hygiene space for storage

Who are responsible for food safety in the Netherland?

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport : Healthy food and food safety are the responsibility of the organization.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs : Responsibility among other things, for rules on hygiene and meat inspections in slaughterhouses, and on meat storage.

Livco , is producer and supplier of several agro based products like, Fresh (Mazafati ) date, Saffron , Pistachio and Figs. The range of the activities in the Netherland, covers both whole sale and retail as well. For any types of these activities, either B2B nor B2C, special attention should be done from “ farm to fork”. So specialists in the Livco not only pass the national and international health safety rules, but also apply several by process and internal procedures to assure that the customers health will not be in the risk.

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