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Services of Livco:

Livco as a Dutch company is able to provide the following services for the customers:

  • Selling both Whole sale(B2B) and retail (B2C).
  • Programmable shipping of the goods to the European destination based on Monthly timetable.
  • Customizing the packaging based on customer’s requirement.
  • Preparing sufficient quality inspection programs based on customer’s criteria.
  • Preparing the products based on the latest quality and health standards around the world.
  • Availabilities of the good with the customer’s brand (Private label).

Livco category of products, including Fresh Mazafati date, Dried date, Saffron and Pistachio are the seasonal corps and programming before season gives opportunity to Livco for managing better qualities, timing on delivery and lower price, especially for B2B collaborators.

So if you are interested to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information:

Web and Emails:


Tell: +31850020642

Whatsapp: +989901020676


Linkedin: livco-company


Address :

Vincent van Goghlaan 71, 2343 RM Oegstgeest,Netherland